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Zayn Malik is one of the leading pop music icons. He is a talented singer as well as a lyricist and is the ex-member of the world’s renowned British boy band ‘One Direction’. In the year 2010, this talented young guy took part in the British TV series X Factor as a solo artist. Although he was being eliminated as solo performer yet he was brought back along with four other contestants. They together formed a group which they called ‘One Direction’. The guy has released four successful albums while being a part of One Direction band that have won the band, countless awards.

One Direction along with Zayn Malik has performed all over the world and has received immaculate success. Lately in March 2015, Zayn’s representative announced his departure from One Direction music band which was a huge shock to all his fans as well as those attached with the music industry in any sense. The reasons behind Zayn disbanding from One Direction are not clear so far however many people are reasoning it as the conflict of interests. What is the future of Zayn as a solo music artist and will his separation put any sort of impact on One Direction are the questions that are hitting everybody’s minds these days.

Zayn was born in the Bradford, West Yorkshire to a British-Pakistani father Yaser Malik and a British mother Tricia Malik. Tricia after marrying Yaser converted to Islam. Zayn has one older sister named Duniya and two younger sisters Waliyah and Safah. The talented young boy was brought up in East Bowling in the south of Bradford city center. He was much into performing arts when he was just a kid and owing to this interest, Zayn took many arts courses. He also used to be at the forefront on schools occasions. What Zayn Malik plans on doing next is yet a question for all however will keep you updated with the latest news.

Keith Urban’s Biography

Posted on Monday, May 25, 2015

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 Born on 26th of October, 1967 in Whangarei, NewZealand, Keith Urban is popular country music singer, musician and entrepreneur who is also the husband of world’s renowned artist Nicole Kidman. Keith Lionel Urban has also participated in a number of competitions as a judge. Keith released his self-titled debut album in the year 1991 and soon after its released, had four singles topping Australia’s charts before he moved on to United States in the next year to pursue a more professional and secure career in country music. Keith Urban performed as session guitarist for many bands before he joined The Ranch.

The extraordinary talented musician worked with the renowned band The Ranch to produce two singles charting on Billboard Hot Country Songs. The singer singed to Capitol and made his American debut as a solo singer in the year 1999. This album by Keith was an enormous success as it was certified platinum in the United States. The debut American album by Keith produced his first ever No.1 Hot country Song “But for the Grace of God”. Another top charting single “Somebody like you” was produced by Keith Urban during early days was from his second album with Capitol Records.

The singer earned his first Grammy in the year 2004 with his single “You’ll think of me” which got him completely into the limelight. The singer continued to produce world class music for the country music fans around the world. So far, Keith Urban has been able to win countless number of awards and recognitions on account of his extraordinary contribution to the music industry. Keith has made his mark in music world and has won the hearts of millions around the world if you are one of his fans seeking tickets to his upcoming concerts, Ticketsdepot247 is your one-stop online destination.

Queens of Stone Age

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015

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The world’s renowned American rock band ‘Queens of Stone Age’ does not comprise girls but the guys from Palm Desert, California US. The band was formed back in the year 1996 and its lineup comprises the band founder and leader Josh Homme as the leading vocalist, pianist and guitarist followed by Troy Van as the guitarist, keyboardist, percussionist and backing vocalist, Michael Shuman as the bass guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist, Dean Fertita as the percussionist, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist and Jon Theodore as drummer and percussionist.

The Queens of Stone Age was formed after closure of the previous band by Josh Hommes that was known as the Kyuss. The band’s style has been typically riff-oriented heavy rock music. The music style has not remained the same over the year, instead they have evolved over the years as per demands of the music industry. Mark Lenegan and Billy Gibbons have done great contributions towards the evolution and popularity of this rock music band over the years which has been highly acknowledged by the founder and leader Josh.

As of 2015, the five band members include Josh Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dean Fertita, Michael Shuman and Jon Theodore. The past members of this great music band include Mark Lanegan, Dave Catching, Brendon McNichol, Nick Oliveri, Alain Johannes, Alfredo Hernández, Gene Trautmann, Dave Grohl and Joey Castillo. The group is gearing up for a round of remarkable performances over the year 2015 and their fans are also geared up to watch them performing live at the concerts. So if you are one of their fans seeking the same, you should buy your tickets online in advance to ensure your place at the concert.

Born on 2nd December 1981, Britney Spears is one of the all-time popular American singers and actresses from McComb, Mississippi, United States. Before Britney stepped into the music industry, she worked as an actress at many shows as well as stage productions as child performer. Later in the year 1997, she signed with Jive Records and her debut album “One More Time” rocked the music industry with a big bang! The debut album by Britney got her enormous fame and after that she produced another album “Oops I did it Again” in 2000 which became equally popular as her first album and this is how it all began.

Britney not only became a young world class music artist in United States but her fame spread across the globe making her one of the leading pop music singers on the planet. She received enormous fame among the youngsters as well as the adults alike. Her second album in fact broke global sales records. In the following year, she released self-titled studio album and also entered the film industry by playing a starring role in the movie “Crossroads” which was released in the year 2002. The following year, Britney released her fourth studio album “In the Zone” of which her single “Toxic” yielded global success.

In the year 2007 Britney Spears announced that on account of some personal issues, she was sending her career into hiatus. This shocked all of her fans as they were eager to listen to more and more awesome music from the extraordinary talented music star. The inconsistent behavior of Britney Spears and her hospitalizations were a part of this time period. However, with help from her sincere friends and fellows, she made a comeback soon and started producing quality music in 2008 once again.

Big Time Rush which is also known as BTR is one of the most popular boy bands of the modern era. The band originated from Los Angeles, California, US and sings for the pop music genre. Comprising of four highly talented guys namely Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Penavega and Logan Henderson, the band earned reputation right after stepping into the music industry. The band kick started in 2009 however is currently on hiatus. So far they have signed to Columbia Records as well as Nick Records. The series' pilot episode featured the debut single “Big Time Rush’ which received great acclaim across the music industry.

These talented musicians have so far released three studio albums and all of them received enormous success. The three studio albums released so far by Big Time Rush include the band’s self-titled debut album BTR (Big Time Rush) in 2010 followed by Elevate in 2011 and 24/Seven in 2013 which has been their last released album so far. The band is on a pause due to some personal reasons and is expected to make a comeback soon to the music industry with more quality and matches music.

The fans of Big Time Rush are anticipating an awesome comeback from the band and are highly keen to watch them perform live again. The band is not yet recording nor is it on any tour. A number of record companies as well as event organizers are after this boy band to make a comeback however they do not seem interested in stepping back too soon so far. Let’s see when this bunch of talented youngsters makes a comeback to the music industry and kicks off a whole new concert tour.

This English rock band was formed in the year 2002 in High Green which is a suburb of Sheffield. The band comprised a number of talented music artists. The lineup of music artists of the Arctic Monkeys includes Alex Turner as the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist followed by Jamie Cook as guitarist and rhythm guitarist, Nick O'Malley as the backing vocalist and bassist and Matt Helders as drummer and backing vocalist. Andy Nicholson was formerly the bassist and backing vocalist. He left the band in the year 2006 soon after having his debut album released.

So far, the musical band has released five studio albums and including Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not released in the year 2006 followed by Favorite Worst Nightmare released in 2007, Humbug in 2009, Suck It and See in the year 2011 and AM in 2013. The band has won plenty of awards so far including the seven prestigious Brit Awards. The Arctic Monkeys were heralded as the first bands who got the attention of music fans and public through the internet. They began rehearsing at Yellow Arch studios in Neepsend and started to play its first gig on the 13th of June 2003 at The Grapes in Sheffield City Center.

After just a few performances in the year 2003, the Arctic Monkeys started recording record demos at 2fly studios. Soon they caught the attention of music fans around the region and became popular across the music industry. The tickets to the Arctic Monkeys concerts can be purchased online via If you are seeking tickets at discount prices, get online and book your tickets in advance. We offer 100% guaranteed tickets at rates that are beyond your expectations. So book online today!

This folk rock band originated from Ramsey, NJ, United States in the year 2005 as its two founding members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites got together to and started to perform across the US State of New Jersey. Wesley Schultz has been working for this renowned folk rock band as the lead singer since its founding and Jeremiah Fraites as the drummer and percussionist. The duo started performing and writing in New Jersey in the year 2005. After five years of success, the talented cello player and vocalist Neyla Pekarek also joined the band in 2010.

Another addition to the folk rock band was made in the year 2012 by the entry of two talented musicians including Stelth Ulvang as the pianist and Ben Wahamaki as the bassist. The band soon peaked at the Billboard 200 chart in Jan 2013 and by the end of the same year, the band’s album was certified platinum in US and Ireland. The same album won Gold certification in the Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. The unique selling proposition of The Lumineers is their super simple songs that can be played by just about anybody.

These talented guys have a high influence from the Beethoven, Guns N’ Roses, Bruce Springsteen and Taking Heads etc. The musical group is highly appreciated and admired by people of all age groups and interests alike. The Lumineers are touring the world in the year 2015 and beyond and their fans are all geared up to watch their energetic performances live. The leading online tickets booking portals like Ticketsdepot247 are selling tickets at the most affordable prices. The popular Lumineers songs include Ho Hey, Stubborn Love, Flowers in Your Hair, Slow it Down, Gale Song, Flapper Girl and many more.

An Account of the Moody Blues

Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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The Moody Blues are an English rock band that was formed on fourth of May 1964 in Erdington, Birmingham Warwickshire. The musicians who formed Moody Blues included Ray Thomas, John Lodge and Michael PInder who had disbanded from El Riot & the Rebels. The band was originally formed by Michael Pinder and Thomas who got the other three guys together including the guitarist/vocalist Denny Laine, the drummer Graeme Edge and the bassist Clint Warwick. The five guys worked day in and day out to make their whole new band, the unmatchable and amazing. These five guys appeared officially and publicly for the first time in Birmingham in the year 1964. The name Moody Blues came from their anticipated sponsorship from M&B Brewery which couldn’t be made true and after which, these guys used to call themselves The MBs and sometimes The MB Five. The Moody Blues, so far have sold above fifty five million albums across the planet and have got eighteen platinum and gold discs to their name. As of the first quarter of 2015, the musical band remains active with one member from the original band that was formed in 1964 whereas two members from 1966 team. The group continues to produce top quality music for the rock music fans around the world. As far as their concerts are concerned, they are sold out events. Besides, the concerts and tours of the Moody Blues are among the most anticipated events in the world music industry. If you are also one of their fans and are looking for an opportunity to attend one of their lively and amazing concerts, you should get online now and log on to, your premier tickets booking portal on the cyber domain. Booking in advance gets you great discounts so always remember to book your favorite event in advance.

ZZ Top is one of the oldest and most recognized American rock bands from the late sixties. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billy Gibbons who’s also the band leader, songwriter and music arranger of ZZ Top, followed by bassist and co-lead vocalist Dusty Hills and last but not least Frank Beard who’s a drummer. The ZZ Top is among a few musical groups ever who have been able to maintain the same lineup for as long as four decades and even more. This show the understanding and determination between the three guys who form the band.

The debut album of the band was released in the January of 1971 which got it known as one of the most acclaimed music bands with strong blues roots and humorous lyrical themes. The band depends greatly on double entendres and innuendo. As a result of ever changing music genres, ZZ Top has also changed its music style over the years. According to the music industry statistics, ZZ Top have become one of the bestselling music bands of history. They have had global album sales in excess of fifty million as of 2014 figures.

The name of this band was inducted into Rock n Roll Hall of Fame during 2004. The group possesses eleven gold and seven platinum records along with thirteen multi-platinum records. The most successful album of the group has been its 1983’s ‘Eliminator’ that sold more than ten million units across the world. This album from ZZ Top also ranks eightieth top music album in United States. These three guys continue to amaze music fans around the world yet in 2015 and their fans can purchase tickets online via

A Flashback to Keith Urban’s Life

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Born on the twenty sixth of October 1967, Keith Lionel Urban is one of the senior most as well as the most talented music artists of all time. He was born and bred in the Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand however moved to United States with his family afterwards. The Australian singer and songwriter Keith also has a great practice on playing musical instruments which include electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, piano, bass guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, sitar, keyboards, organ and synthesizer. The great music icon has been serving the music industry with world class music since the year 1991. Keith has also participated in a number of music competitions as a judge. In the year 1991, Urban released a self-titled music album which was his debut release. Lucky enough for him that his debut album was able to produce as many as four singles in Australia before he finally moved on the United States. Upon reach the U.S, he started looking for a job and did not get any. Later, Keith worked as a session guitarist for a few before he finally started to think seriously about his new life. The best thing about Keith was that he always got a great deal of success in whatever endeavors he went for. There is a mega fan following of Keith Urban around the world. The singer is also known because of his role as a coach on Australian version of signing competition. The tickets to his shows are hard to get since they are available in rarely costly websites. If you are passionate end exited to watch your favorite artist perform live, check for your tickets at today!
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