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Born on the twenty ninth of April, 1954 to Kálmán Seinfeld, Betty Seinfeld in the wonderful town of Brooklyn, NYC, United States, Jerry Seinfeld is one of America’s leading comedians. Apart from being an awesome comedian, Seinfeld is also an excellent actor, writer and producer. The great entertainment artist is five feet and eleven inches tall and is married to Jessica Seinfeld since 1999. Jerry and Jessica together have three children which include Sascha Seinfeld, Julian Kal Seinfeld and Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld. Jerry who’s originally known as Jerome Allen is popular for being the co-writer of the sitcom Seinfeld which was aired during (1989 and 1998).

Seinfeld co-wrote and co-produced Bee Movie which was an excellent animated film. Seinfeld contributed to this film by voicing as protagonist. The Marriage Ref. which was a reality series was also premiered by Jerry Seinfeld. Besides, this talented artist is also the creator as well as host of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which is a web series. All across his stand-up comedy career, Seinfeld has remained popular on account of specializing in observational humor. Jerry was honored with the title of 12th Greatest Stand-up Comedian of All time by Comedy Central.

Today at the age of 60, Seinfeld is yet one of the top acclaimed and appreciated entertainment artists of America. This talented entertainment star was born to a Hungarian father and Syrian Jewish descent. At the age of sixteen, Jerry volunteered in Kibbutz Sa'ar in Israel. After having moved to United States with his family, Seinfeld studied at the University of New York at Oswego and later transferred to Queens College CUNY. He graduated in communications and theatre because of his natural inclination towards performing arts. Seinfeld is unquestionably one of the leading entertainment stars this world has ever produced.

Jack Johnson was born in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, United States on eighteenth of May, 1975. He is undoubtedly a versatile music artist who sings folk rock, indie rock, surf rock, soft rock, pop rock and acoustic rock. Johnson is an excellent singer, lyricist, musician, actor, composer, record label owner, record producer, professional surfer and a well-known documentary filmmaker. He also has very good experience with musical instruments including the ukulele, piano, drums and sitar. Johnson has been active in the music industry since 1999.

Jack’s first commercial success came in the year 2001 when he released his debut album Brushfire Fairytales. Ever since his entry to the world music industry, Jack has released five music albums. Moreover, he has produced a number of Eps as well as surfing movies and the soundtracks. Johnson is popular as an organizer of the event the Kōkua Festival. In this yearly festival, a countless number of people from all walks of life and from all interests participate. The notable songs from Jack’s diary include "Upside Down"; "Flake"; "I Got You"; "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing"; "If I Had Eyes"; "You and Your Heart"; "Taylor"; "Better Together; "Good People"; and "Breakdown."

If we have a look at Johnson’s early life, he was born and bred in North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and his father was a popular surfer. Having seen his father surfing ever since his childhood, Jack also developed great interest in this sports and became a professional surfer by the time he was only seventeen years old. He also became the youngest person to make it through the surfing finals at the Pipeline Masters on Oahu's North Shore. After being struck with a serious surfing accident, he said goodbye to this sports and entered the music industry which was, according to him, his natural passion.

The twenty sixth annual Pollstar Awards that are scheduled to be held in the February of 2015 are among the most awaited events of the forthcoming year. The great American country music icon Jason Aldean has been nominated for the awards along with other music stars including Kacey Musgraves and Brantley Gilbert. These awards recognize the best in the live concert business. The event would be taking over the home of Grand Ole Opry (formerly) and would be held in the promised land of country music, the Nashville in Ryman Auditorium, on February 21st 2015.

According to the news, just a handful of country music artists are among the nominees of this much awaited event. According to the music industry experts, Jason Aldean has been a country music star who has been able to dominate the world music industry all alone surpassing pop music stars including Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. The great Aldean has also worked really hard since he has spent the entire last year performing shows and hitting the roads in every month of 2014.

The last concert he performed was in his hometown of Nashville at Nashville's Marathon Music Works. According to Jason Aldean, he’s too tired now after a whole year’s hard work and he would be taking a break until the mid of February 2015. Afterwards, his first tour of the new year is scheduled to start which is the ‘Burn it Down’ tour planned to start from Greenville in the South Carolina, United States. His fellow stars Brantley Gilbert and Kacey Musgraves are nominated for the Best New Touring Artist award. Musgraves has been able to keep herself full of activity lately by touring along with the great Katy Perry whereas Gilbert has also been busy throughout the year performing across the US.

December 3rd 2014: The attorneys declared that Apple has been regularly deleting music downloaded by the users from the competitors of iTunes. The declaration was made by attorneys on Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 during a ten years old antitrust lawsuit that comprises ‘DVD Jon’ a hacker and the iPods. The news was reported by the Wall Street Journal. The users attempting to synchronize their iPods comprising non-Apple files were given an error message. The message stated “restore factory settings”.

As soon as the iPod users reset the factory settings, the non-Apple music deleted automatically and permanently. Patrick Coughlin, who’s the attorney in this lawsuit, said that Apple has decided to give its customers the worst possible experience. The effected users are claiming 350 million US Dollars already from Apple Inc. Moreover, it has been claimed that Apple intentionally misguided the users by not resolving their issue and correctly informing them about the problem faced.

The security director at Apple Mr. Augustin Farrugia said that the company is not obliged to provide too much information to the customers. Moreover another representative from Apple Inc. refused to comment on this. Keeping in view the evidences and trials, it is quite clear that Jobs and Apple were really conscious about limiting the iPods and iTunes to their own services rather than allowing customers to opt for their competitors.

Getting back in the year 2005 when Jobs found out that one of the competitors is on the brink of allowing music fans to play songs from other services on iPods, he passed strong comments stating that the company really needs to ensure that music from a competitor is not able to be played on iPod. However, Farrugia is of the statement now that reason for aggressive moves they made lately was to restrict growing numbers of hackers across the cyberspace. The lawsuit is yet under trial and Apple users are curious to know about the outcome of all that is going on.

The Madden Brothers and the Florida Georgia Line are going to record in collaboration soon. The news has spread like wildfire across the fans of both. The commentators as well as the music fans are of the opinion that both have pretty much in common. The both duos have got deep hip-hop roots alongside potential of going sleeveless with tattoos. During the impending weeks, the duos will be getting together, collaborating to great wonderful music for their fans out there. Tyler Hubbard from FGL told Rolling Stone Magazine that they are greatest fans of these guys.

When asked by the press, Kelley said excitedly that they are going to be writing the songs as well as recording at the Treehose studio which is based in Nashville. The duo will be arriving the town in a couple of weeks and then it would be real fun creating master pieces together said Kelley. Moreover, he said that music fans would have to wait and see what’s the outcome of this collaboration between the duos, in fact it is unpredictable for anyone to foresee what the duo’s are going to create after this group effort. Kelley also raised an eyebrow while saying that you’ll have to wait and see the results.

The Florida Georgia Line are popular because of their highly imaginative and ideal pairings. Besides, the Madden Brothers are also known for their exclusive kind of music as well as highly energetic performances. Apart from this upcoming joint venture in the year 2015 by these duo’s many collaborations are expected to be seen in the forthcoming year. According to the music experts, this might become a tradition soon; the collaboration of various musical bands and artists for the sake of branding as well as to produce topnotch music for the music lovers.

2014 has turned out as one of the most successful and prosperous years for Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Eric Church. The three great country music signers are among the most adored and acclaimed music stars in the new era due to their magical voices and the unique music they have presented to their fans across the planet over the years. When Ticketsdepot247, one of the leading online tickets booking vendor was asked about who remained the most successful country music star out of these three, replied that this cannot be calculated since three of these remained the leading music stars in terms of concert tickets sales as well as album sales across 2014.

The Outsiders, which is the an album by Eric Church released on 11th February 2014 has earned him four nominations for the prestigious Grammy Awards and was the best-selling country music album of the year as per Nielsen Soundscan figures. This album by Eric Church was also Billboard's Number Four country album of 2014. The album sold as many as two hundred and eighty eight thousand copies only within a week of its debut which was a miraculous success. The album continues making an impact on the music industry as it got Album of the Year award at the American Country Countdown Awards.

Besides, Jason Aldean’s album ‘Old Boots, New Dirt’ remained the 4th top selling album of the year according to the figures provided by Soundscan. The album also remained seventh top LP of the year. The album was released in the month of October 2014 and topped country charts right away. Luky Bryan is second to none with some of the record breaking top charts across the year 2014. Three of these guys have enthralled music industry and their fans over the year 2014 with immaculate music.

For every leading artist across the world, people usually say nutty things and this time it’s Katy Perry who’s facing this situation. The things said about Katy Perry lately were totally unexpected for her as well as for her fans. The accusations of copying brunette Archie Comics character named Katy Keene stuck Katy Perry as it was said that her choice of fashion, appearance and almost everything resembles this comic character to a great extent. And to be honest, there is a great deal of resemblance between the two. The outfits of the real Katy Perry and the imaginary character Katy Keene also resemble greatly.

Katy Perry was already aware of this controversy when one of the senior writers Brian Hiatt met her to write for the Rolling Stone magazine. She stated that these false accusations have shocked her and she would rather like to have a MRI done so that the people talking such nonsense could look inside of her in order to ensure that she’s a living human being but not a comic character. In addition, she said that another thing that shocked Katy Perry was that her sister was a redhead! People say these things to satisfy their insecure selves and get attention of media, she added further.

Perry asked her fans to not take such gibberish rumors too serious and requested public to stop assuming that she actually did systematically plunder the iconography of an obscure old comic book character. She also added that if she was smart enough to be like this, she would have been a different person than being a singer, instead she would have been some renowned psychiatrist. This interview which has recently been published at the Rolling Stone magazine has been appreciated by Perry’s fans around the world.

Born on twenty seventh of April 1978 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, Jim James originally named as James Edward Olliges Jr. is one of the most prominent guitarists, singers and lyricists of America. He has been a part of a well-known American rock band since 1998. ‘The Morning Jacket’ has been quiet for a long time and it has been three years already before they released ‘Circuital’. When asked about why they have been off the limelight for a longer period, they responded it being their engagement with the two studio albums, one of which is due to be released in April 2015 whereas the other will be coming out in the year 2016.

In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Jim James said that he had a plethora of songs this time. As soon as the band recorded Circuital in a Louisville they absconded to Panoramic House Studio which is located near San Francisco. There, the band started working on the tunes James stockpiled since their last album. In the past, James used to create the demos of the songs before he could present them to the band however this time the group went into new sessions straightaway. James added that he tried giving the band guys a real quick demonstration of the tunes I had in my stock so that they could have the accurate understanding of what we were supposed to create.

The band enjoyed a lot working without a rehearsal, says James Edward Olliges Jr. The band loves to make every record sound different than the other. This American rock band comprises lineup of talented music stars which include Jim James as the lead vocalist alongside Tommy as the bassist, Johnny Quaid as a guitarist, J. Glenn as the drummer. In the year 2000 the addition of Danny Cash as a layout and keyboard instruments player added value to the band’s worth.

George Harrison is going to be one of the few artists who are going to get Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in the coming year on account of immeasurable contribution he’s done to the music industry so far. Apart from being given the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, George Harrison would also be bestowed Trustees Award which would be in recognition of the contributions to music he did apart from the performance. It is going to be an invitation-only ceremony which would be help on the seventh of February 2015. Besides, the Grammy Awards would be aired live on television on the eighth of February 2015, starting at 8 p.m. EST.

The Recording Academy would also be naming twenty seven titles which are going to be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for the year 2015. Dylan is also going to be the person to be privileged on sixth of February 2015 Recording Academy's MusiCares Person of the Year. A great number of music artists would be paying tribute to the renowned singer-songwriter George Harrison in many different ways. The New Year is going to be one of the most remarkable and unforgettable events for the great George Harrison.

The legendary George Harrison was one of the greatest musicians from United States. He was a multi-instrumentalist, singer and lyricist highly adored by music lovers across the planet. Harrison achieved global fame as the lead guitarist of the highly acclaimed pop music group ‘The Beatles’. Harrison contributed a great deal to the music compositions of the Beatles. Moreover, his compositions from ‘The Beatles’ songs include “While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something", which became the Beatles' and many more. The great Harrison is yet remembered and listened to, by his fans all over the world with great love and passion.

It was approximately four years back when 50 cent had an epiphany as regards his contribution towards the well being of the humanity and society around him. The great singer started to assess his legacy and the way he wanted his fans to memorize him. This is what 50 cent told the Rolling Stone Magazine in a recent press event. The education-based reality show ‘Dream School’ is something he’s going to participate in along with Gloria Allred. The rapper said in an interview that it is the best time for him to utilize the celebrity within you, in the right direction.

The duo is going to partake in the second session of the education reality show by Sundance TV. 50 cent is of the opinion that he would not be participating in the reality show as a celebrity or an awesome singer who made a couple of cool songs and picked good roles in the film and television industry, instead he would be there as a person who’s there to help others when they are in the time of need. 50 cent spent a great deal of time thinking only about the business whenever it came to music however now is the time when he wants to reflect on who he wants to be.

The great rapper and businessman saw in a 2011 British documentary, the Jamie Oliver's Dream School, which inspired him a lot. The season two of this reality show would comprise fifteen students from the New York City who got expelled and never got a chance to graduate due to certain reasons. The real name of 50 cent is Curtis James Jackson III and he’s one of the world’s leading rappers, entrepreneurs, investors and actors from the wonderful and lively city of New York.
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