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Justin Bieber, one of the world’s renowned pop music singers and teen sensations was caught lately driving rashly and unlawfully in the streets of Canada. The great singer has been charged with dangerous driving assault. The incident occurred last week in the town of Stratford which is also Bieber’s hometown. Things totally went wrong this time as the minivan collided with the ATV in the ON state of Canada. As per news by the press, the drivers of ATV and Minivan were found engaged in a physical altercation following the collision.

Justin bieber

The news did not clearly mention about the vehicle in which Justin Bieber was sitting however he was spotted by many earlier in the same week while he was riding an ATV. He was initially taken into custody by the local police however was released afterwards on a condition that Bieber would be appearing in court on the twenty ninth of the same month. Moreover, the unwelcomed presence of the paparazzi also spoiled the peaceful retreat of Justin Bieber and his beloved Selena Gomez in the town of Stratford, Canada. Justin Bieber’s lawyer Mr. Brian Greenspan is reported to have said that Bieber and Gomez have cooperated completely with the police on all kinds of necessary investigation.

Justin Bieber’s legal advisor Mr. Brian Greenspan also mentioned to the press that the matter is expected to be resolved quite soon. In the growing up rap sheet of the great pop star Bieber, the assault charges were a new addition. The young guy has been facing a number of legal issues over the years lately as at the beginning of the year 2014, Bieber turned in to Toronto Police for allegedly assaulting a limo driver. Moreover, he barely managed to escape a harsh DUI punishment for driving under the influence and drag racing.

One Direction is undoubtedly the world’s most popular, appreciated and greatest pop band in the planet since three years already. Although according to the experts, the prolonged existence of this group doesn’t make them Allman Brothers yet it’s not an ordinary thing for a bunch of young runners-up guys of the x-factor show coming together and forming a band that is second to none in the era. In fact it is a pretty impressive fact. If any of the One Direction guys see dreams of going solo or coming up as an actor or a fashion model, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Any of these guys has not yet shown an interest in a solo career in music or in the fashion industry yet since they are already busy enjoying the pinnacle of glory. The upcoming album of this great pop music group comprises splashy eighties pop rock and seventies flavors more than the contemporary style music. The young dynamic guys have produced some magnificent music lately which included “Where do broken hearts go”, “Spaces”, “Girl Almighty”, “Queen of Hearts” and many more. These singles come inspired from the music of early seventies and eighties. The

As ever, the vocals are divvied up in ways that highlight the similarities of these singers with the early classic pop legends. In an interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine, the guys said that before this idea came into their minds, they were quite unsure of the results; however they experimented and adopted 70s and 80s style for just one album in order to bring about something new and fresh for their fans around the world. The experiment turned out wonderful and they have received enormous appreciation from their fans around the world.

The younger sister of one of the history’s most popular music stars creates a whole new record in Nashville. She has become a cause of a lot of head scratching across the music industry and undoubtedly she deserves to be there in the limelight on behalf of her innumerable talent. The great new country music icon Jamie Lynn Spears explains it like when she puts her songwriting pen to paper, country comes out. These words from a smart and talented lady has inspired and impressed a number of people across the country music scenario.

The story behind the immense popularity of the young lady, as she explains is not so easy and simple. She has in fact done a great deal to reach the height of glory, the glory she’s looking forward to and the glory she’s enjoying today being in the limelight. "I never woke up and was like, 'I’m going to do country music today!'" said the wonderful young country music artist. She also added further, "But when I started writing and really diving into this music, it was the best format for me to tell my story." Spears got her start when she was only ten years old.

The wonderful young lady continued to work harder and did not give herself a second option in pursuance of her career. The only career she looked forward to, ever since her childhood days, was the career of country music. This is what made her move to the promised land of the country music, the wonderful land of Nashville. Spears Jr. has also worked as an actress during her early days and this has made her get a huge fan base. Although she has the talent of performing wonderfully, she pursued career in country music as her passion and today she’s there as one of the greatest stars!
Hunter Hayes started off his Tattoo Your Name Tour earlier in the month of November 2014. According to him, he was constantly in a thought of how he could improve his show and make it remarkable and unforgettable for his fans. The highly energetic performer, during a visit to the rehearsals in the month of October 2014 told the Rolling Stone Magazine that it is all about keeping it new since we do not get comfortable with anything. After a couple of weeks, Hayes after performing in each of his shows tweaked, stating that the first night on the tour was too hard for him.

He further adds to his tweaks stating that he was never satisfied with the performances since he was looking for something that was beyond the anticipation of his audiences. He said to himself time and again “this is not enough, we got to give them a lot more”. Moreover, during the tour, Hayes also had discussions with all of his production team members including lighting guys, band and everybody so as to explain his vision. The guy gave a set of notes to each and every person so that there could be maximum coordination and perfection at the live performances.

The tireless efforts by the great country music singer are quite visible as the tour showcases great harmony and a real teamwork. According to Hunter Hayes, he discussed every minute thing with his team to bring coherence and rationality in the performance which has been witnessed by his fans already. The great music artist is satisfied with the performances so far and anticipates a great deal of success in the years ahead. The Rolling Stone magazine also published this interview with Hunter Hayes in detail, at their online portal on November 20th 2014.

Earlier in the year 2013, Bruce Springsteen was asked if it was possible for him to release the recordings of his official concerts which are circulated all over his fans since many years. In a reply to this, Bruce Springsteen said that it would really be a great idea to have all the official videos of his concerts uploaded on a website so that his fans could easily re-watch them over and over again. In addition, he had said that the classic concerts which have been able to keep people’s interest for more than three or four decades should also be added to the timeline of videos for his fans to watch.

Now as the year 2013 comes nearly to an end, Springsteen has made this idea come true. On his official website, he has been able to launch a separate section which includes many of his live concerts with many yet to come. The downloads to some of the most spectacular shows of Bruce Springsteen which include 2014 High Hopes Tour as well as completed performance of the tour ‘Born to run’ which he conducted in New Zealand lately. The launch of the Wrecking Ball tour at the New York Apollo Theatre has also been included in downloads at his official website.

The downloads have been divided into four categories with varying prices including the MP3 which is available for $9.95, lossless for $12.95, HD Audio for $19.95 and compact disc quality for $23. Bruce Springsteen’s concerts have been put together by which is an organization that worked earlier with Metallica, Pearl Jam and many other music stars. The country music fans are really excited on this news and are downloading videos with great enthusiasm and keenness. Bruce Springsteen was asked lately about this addition to his official website, to which he responded that he had this idea hitting his mind since long however finally it has been made a reality.

If you are one of the theatre aficionados around the world then you need to get yourself all charged up for yet another spendthrift and amazing fiesta that will certainly steal their hearts! This can be done by nothing but the Wicked Musical. Your favorite musical is all prepared to rock the theatres in your town soon. The musical is based on Gregory Maguire’s top seller novel ‘Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witches of the West’. The story of ‘Wicked’ has a great potential and has been presented in a whole new way. The way it takes you to a whole new world of fantasies cannot be explained in words. You should always book wicked tickets online with a reliable tickets company such as

The land of OZ has been presented in the Wicked musical in a way never seen before. After witnessing this musical live, people are of the opinion that they will never look at the land of Oz in the way they used to, earlier. The music and lyrics which have been added by the world’s renowned and Academy Award Winner ‘Stephen Schwartz’ and staging has been done by Wayne Cilento who is a Tony Award winner. The musical has been artfully and flawlessly directed by Joe Mantello, the two times Tony Award Winner. The experts rate Wicked as one of the Broadway’s top musicals as well as one of the longest running musicals in the theatre history.

The musical tells us the story of a little green skinned girl whose name is Elphaba. She will grow up to become the wicked witch of the west. The wicked story emphasizes on the witches of the land of Oz. The Wizard who is Joel Grey believes in the big lie and as a result of that, he does tireless efforts in making people believe that the heroine of the musical is who is the wicked witch of the west is an evil character. If you are also enthusiastic to watch the musical and want to book discount wicked tickets then you should make sure that your tickets booking partner is a reliable company. is one of the leading names in tickets bookings online!

The Jersey Boys is an awe-inspiring story of four guys who were born and bred in the narrow trails of the Newark City and struggled a great deal in order to reach the height of fame. The musical became popular soon after it’s launching and has become one of the Broadway’s longest running musicals ever. The Jersey Boys is popular across the planet and has been nominated for numerous awards out of which it has also won several. The musical has already won a Tony Award and many more prestigious awards. People usually buy Jersey Boys tickets online and to witness one of the greatest musicals ever produced by the world theatre industry.

The major reason behind the immense fame of Jersey Boys is its being a real life story, not a derivation of some myth of fiction. Ever since it’s fame across the U.S, the Jersey Boys musical has become highly popular among masses across the planet and has therefore been presented by many other production companies around the world. Today you can easily and conveniently book your Jersey Boys show tickets online without a hassle. The top online tickets booking companies of the U.S such as offer cheap and hundred percent guaranteed ticket bookings, so you should book online with full confidence. This world’s renowned musical puts an emphasis on the ups and downs of life that people often go through.

The bitterness as well as the sweetness of life has been portrayed in a great manner. The four guys from who called themselves ‘the four seasons’ are real life characters and their story has been presented beautifully. Their lives are presented as the four seasons with spring being the start of life when there is enough passion, energy and hunger for fame and achievement, the summer being the time when they reach the pinnacle of glory, the autumn being the time of maturity when they start realizing the miseries of lives and finally winter which spreads sadness and finally ends up their lives. If you are seeking a place to buy Jersey Boys tickets online then visit Ticketsdepot247 today with great confidence and get your tickets at the most unbelievable prices.

A Short Intro to Bruce Springsteen

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Are you one of the enthusiasts of Bruce Springsteen and are eager to know about the history and past of your favorite singer and songwriter? Here is a brief introduction of Bruce, one of the America’s senior most music icons. Springsteen was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, United States on the 23rd of September, 1949. He is also known as ‘The Boss’. At times, Bruce said that he does not like his nickname ‘The Boss’ however he is also seen at many places calling himself the boss. His fans eagerly buy concert tickets in advance just to make sure that they do not miss out his live performance.

Bruce has a unique and amazing talent of being an expert multi instrumentalist. He is also known due to his dynamic persona and is highly admired by people across the planet. The international sales records show that people buy concerts tickets online more than anything and Bruce Springsteen’s tickets are among those at top of the list. He appeared publicly on the stage in 70s and got worldwide fame because of his wonderful voice and exceptionally awesome performance. Bruce has the great flair to fully involve his audience to his music.

Soon after Springsteen’s debut performance in the seventies, he earned enormous fame and his albums became the most demanded ones across the music industry. The youth of 70s was more enthusiastic about Bruce’s music than the older generation. Bruce has sold above 65 million albums across the United States and more than 120 million albums worldwide. He has been awarded several times and is one of the legends American music industry has ever produced. If you are in search of place for online Bruce Springsteen tickets booking then you need looking no further. Book your tickets today with Ticketsdepot247 to keep your pocket heavy and sound.

One direction is one of the most popular boy bands from United Kingdom. This band comprises some extraordinarily talented and self motivated youngsters. The concept of a boy band had come to an end since long however this young band has revived this tradition. One Direction received a huge acclaim from all parts of the world and they are the only musical group who are equally popular in both the Great Britain and the United States. One direction’s concert tickets are sold like hot cakes online and each of their events is a sold out event.

They have a huge fan base around the world. The band consists of five members who include Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. One Direction has received great appreciation equally from the kids, youth and the adults. Their tremendous fame has amazed musical experts from all over the world. Since all the guys from One Direction band are young, they are found highly active and responsive over the internet especially on the social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Their concert events tickets are sold online by America’s leading tickets booking companies such as and many more.

You find these young guys over the television, at the radio channels and live in the concerts. The social media experts have revealed the astounding fact that their fan base is increasing and multiplying by millions each month. Since you are reading this post, you also must be one of the greatest fans of One Direction. So if you are in search of a site where you can check the upcoming event schedule of your favorite musical group and buy discount concert tickets online with hundred percent guarantees then book your one direction tickets with today!

Theatres have greatly evolved over the past and have become one of the most preferred places for entertainment and leisure across the world. People get to the theatres to watch their favorite musicals played live. The musicals include romantic ones, those suitable for all audiences and even those which are especially for the kids. The musicals of many popular stories and novels have been presented over the past. Various super hit movies have also been converted into musicals. Despite the advent of digital entertainment in the form of 3D cinemas in the twenty first century then demand for children and family theater tickets remains sky high.

There are many musicals which have made a history of being played for the longest number of times at the theatres. Among these extraordinary popular and evergreen musicals, the Lion King musical which is based on a 1994 super hit animated cartoon movie ‘The Lion King’ which was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The musical has received equally high appreciation and global acclaim. The increasing fame of lion king musical has amazed the experts and this musical has done several global tours.

This highly inspirational and wonderful musical which was first performed on July 8th, 1997 is yet on high demand after nearly a period of two decades which is enormous success for any theatre production. The musical has toured the most popular global destinations which include UK, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Toronto, Sydney, The Hague, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, Taipei, Singapore, Sao Paolo and many more. If you are in search of some top class children event tickets for your kids entertainment then book lion king tickets online today with Ticketsdepot247 – your premier online tickets company.

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