A brief account of Jeff Dunham

Posted on Friday, May 31, 2013

Born on 18th April, 1962 in Dallas Texas, United States Jeff Dunham is one of the most popular standup comedians of the world. He has earned a huge global fame and has become the 3rd most paid comedian on the planet as per report released by the Forbes Magazine. The great comedian is a gem of entertainment industry and has been mentioned at several places as ‘America’s Favorite Comedian’. The profile of great performance built up by Jeff Dunham is a source of great inspiration for anyone interested in this art. The tickets booking sites sell Jeff Dunham concert tickets online for all his future performances.

The world’s renowned comedian began performing in his early life when he was only a high school student. He used to perform in front of huge audiences and made them laugh out loud. His natural talent of bringing a smile on peoples’ face anytime and making any simplest thing extremely humorous has earned him a great fame across the globe. The great comedian later started performing at banquets attended by great celebrities. Soon after getting a warm appreciation from the public, he gathered more confidence and moved towards professional performances. Those who want to buy Jeff Dunham concert tickets can get them at discounted rates online by making a price comparison between the top online tickets booking sites.

Jeff has a few puppets that have been performing with him since the very beginning of his carreer. These puppets include a popular character Woozle who is a peanut. Besides, the most interesting and best part of his performances is that he has a new story to tell in each of his shows. Jeff is exceptionally talented and is known as the inventor of totally new kind of ventriloquism. You can look up Jeff Dunham concert schedule to know about his upcoming performances and book your tickets online as per your convenience.