A Brief Intro to The Lion King Show

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you expecting the same old story of jungle and its king lion? The article is about the same high importance of theatres in the modern age in spite of the advent of digital cinemas in the form of three dimensional movies. The role of the theatres in the entertainment media can never be neglected as they are the liveliest of all events held across the world. The best thing about theatres is that they present live performances by the nation’s renowned artists and performers. In fact anything which is live has a greater importance than anything. To make a comparison here we are going to discuss about the world’s popular and highly appreciated animated cartoon movie The Lion King which was released by Disney Pictures Inc. The Lion King movie was introduced in the year 1994 and became so popular that people started to buy the lion king show tickets with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The Lion King movie was released in 1994 however just after a couple of years, its theatrical performance was also launched by the Disney Entertainment Studios at the Broadway Theatre. It was a sold out event and became massively popular across public. The Lion King musical was directed, composed and performed in an unparallel manner. The musical received numerous prestigious awards by the world’s leading entertainment companies. According to the international statistics of theatrical performances around the world, the lion king musical tickets had the highest demand among all other types of theater tickets in the world. This shows how greatly the musical was appreciated by public. This great appreciation lead to the national tours of lion king musical in United States and United Kingdom. The musical also did the world tour covering major cities of the planet such as Sydney, London, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Tokyo, Toronto and many other worlds’ popular destinations. The kids, young and old, all rushed to buy the tickets of their all-time favorite musical. The tickets went on sale online as well and were sold like hot cakes in advance. This made the world go round.

The online tickets selling companies put special offers on the Lion King Musical tickets sales. People who logged on to buy theater tickets online, were more interested lion king than any other theatrical. The story of the lion king musical was extremely delightful and heart touching. Its all about a wise, just and very kind king Mufasa who rules the Pride Lands and his newly born son Simba who is the crown prince of Pride Lands and the next rightful king as well. The lion prince’s birth makes the subjects of whole kingdom go mad with happiness and excitement and get them assemble at the pride rock to bow before their future king and to welcome him to the world. The evil brother of Mufasa who is Scar, is the most unhappy person because he wants to take over his brother’s throne as king of Pride Lands. The chances for him to become a king have almost vanished away.