An Account of Eric Church - A Country Music Icon

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eric Church is among the most prominent and recognized country singers and lyricists of the modern age. The great artist was born in North Carolina and got interested in music ever since he was a child. Eric bought his very first personal guitar at the age of only thirteen and soon after getting this tool, he began to write his own songs and sing along with his own compositions. When he reached his high school life, this exceptionally talented and gifted singer & songwriter then gathered confidence and started to gig at local pubs and bars. Eric used to buy concert tickets of his favorite musicians and attended their concerts to gain more inspiration.

At the local pubs and bars, Eric not only sang the songs of his favorite musicians but also played his own compositions and self written songs. The other singers he admired most included Jimmy Buffett at the top of list. In fact Jimmy Buffett who has been a giant of music was his hot favorite singer and was his biggest inspiration in the music industry. Eric started to perform later with a group of guys who used to call their musical group ‘The Mountain Boys’. This musical band included Eric’s brother, his roommate and a fellow guitarist in it. Today the popularity of this great singer can be well imagined from the fact that Eric Church tour dates are among the top searches online by music fans.

As far as the formal education is concerned, Eric did bachelors in marketing from the Appalachian State University. He got engaged after getting graduated however due to constant pressure from his father in law to convince him in following a corporate career, Eric broke the engagement and went to Nashville with financial support from his father. Eric continued with his passion for music which earned him the title of being one of the greatest singers of the century. Buy discount concert tickets of your favorite singer Eric is not a hassle if you have a reliable tickets booking company such as