An Insight into ‘ZZ Top’ the 60s Music Artists

Posted on Monday, May 4, 2015

ZZ Top is one of the oldest and most recognized American rock bands from the late sixties. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billy Gibbons who’s also the band leader, songwriter and music arranger of ZZ Top, followed by bassist and co-lead vocalist Dusty Hills and last but not least Frank Beard who’s a drummer. The ZZ Top is among a few musical groups ever who have been able to maintain the same lineup for as long as four decades and even more. This show the understanding and determination between the three guys who form the band.

The debut album of the band was released in the January of 1971 which got it known as one of the most acclaimed music bands with strong blues roots and humorous lyrical themes. The band depends greatly on double entendres and innuendo. As a result of ever changing music genres, ZZ Top has also changed its music style over the years. According to the music industry statistics, ZZ Top have become one of the bestselling music bands of history. They have had global album sales in excess of fifty million as of 2014 figures.

The name of this band was inducted into Rock n Roll Hall of Fame during 2004. The group possesses eleven gold and seven platinum records along with thirteen multi-platinum records. The most successful album of the group has been its 1983’s ‘Eliminator’ that sold more than ten million units across the world. This album from ZZ Top also ranks eightieth top music album in United States. These three guys continue to amaze music fans around the world yet in 2015 and their fans can purchase tickets online via