“Apple Deleted Users' Songs From iTunes Competitors” claims new Lawsuit

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015

December 3rd 2014: The attorneys declared that Apple has been regularly deleting music downloaded by the users from the competitors of iTunes. The declaration was made by attorneys on Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 during a ten years old antitrust lawsuit that comprises ‘DVD Jon’ a hacker and the iPods. The news was reported by the Wall Street Journal. The users attempting to synchronize their iPods comprising non-Apple files were given an error message. The message stated “restore factory settings”.

As soon as the iPod users reset the factory settings, the non-Apple music deleted automatically and permanently. Patrick Coughlin, who’s the attorney in this lawsuit, said that Apple has decided to give its customers the worst possible experience. The effected users are claiming 350 million US Dollars already from Apple Inc. Moreover, it has been claimed that Apple intentionally misguided the users by not resolving their issue and correctly informing them about the problem faced.

The security director at Apple Mr. Augustin Farrugia said that the company is not obliged to provide too much information to the customers. Moreover another representative from Apple Inc. refused to comment on this. Keeping in view the evidences and trials, it is quite clear that Jobs and Apple were really conscious about limiting the iPods and iTunes to their own services rather than allowing customers to opt for their competitors.

Getting back in the year 2005 when Jobs found out that one of the competitors is on the brink of allowing music fans to play songs from other services on iPods, he passed strong comments stating that the company really needs to ensure that music from a competitor is not able to be played on iPod. However, Farrugia is of the statement now that reason for aggressive moves they made lately was to restrict growing numbers of hackers across the cyberspace. The lawsuit is yet under trial and Apple users are curious to know about the outcome of all that is going on.