Book The Lion King Musical Tickets Online

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are you an enthusiast of musicals and are in search of some inspirational and remarkable play? The lion king musical will be one of the most inspirational and unforgettable musicals you have ever watched. The musical is based on the super hit animated cartoon movie The Lion King by Disney Studios Inc. Just a year after the release of the animated movie of the Lion King, its musical was also launched keeping in view the appreciation and admiration it received by public? The extraordinary high demand of The lion king theater tickets was a proof to immediate response and excitement shown by its fans.

The story of this play is heart touching and can surely make anyone emotional. The birth of a lion prince is the start of story in Pride Lands. Mufasa is the Lion King who rules the Pride Lands and his newly born cub boy Simba is the one who is going to a heir to his throne. All the subjects of Mufasa are delightful on the birth of prince except his own brother Scar who is more than jealous at this. If you want to buy cheap the lion king show tickets then you should search online for a reliable tickets booking company.

As the engaging story of lion king musical continues, Scar wants to be the next king but it won’t be possible now. He plots a plan to murder his brother, the lion king and take charge of his throne. He does so successfully and kicks out Simba from the Pride Lands. Helpless Simba grows young far from his rightful kingdom with the help of his friends. However, as he grows young, he comes back to Pride Lands to take revenge from his evil uncle Scar. The story of lion king movie & musical became so popular in short time that booking its tickets is one of the most difficult tasks.