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Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013

Theatres and cinemas are considered as the most prominent means of entertainment around the world. People watch movies at spectacular cinemas of twenty first century and get to theatres to watch their favorite plays performed by their favorite artists. There has been a great variety of movies and musicals that became popular around the world and Lion King is one of them. Released by Disney Studio’s in 1994, this animated cartoon movie became a super hit around the world in no time. The popularity of this animated movie compelled Disney Studios to launch its musical. Finally the lion king show schedule was announced at the Broadway.

The lion king musical became a bigger success. Being one of the heart touching musicals of all-time, lion king was highly appreciated not only by the kids and teenagers but also became immensely popular among the youth and the old. The amazing fact about lion king musical is that it is the longest running musical ever at the Broadway. The playwrights of Lion King Musical include Irene Mecch and Roger Allers. The the lion king show tour dates are announced annually and it tours around the world. The show has done several international tours and has received great appreciation.

The composers of the musical include Jay Rifkin, Hans Zimmer, Mark Mancina, Elton John and Lebo M. The demand for the lion king show tickets online has been much higher over the years as compared to the local tickets booking depots. The awe inspiring story of lion king movie & musicalthat comprise lion king named Mufasa and his son, the lion prince Simba touched many hearts around the world. Even after nearly a decade of its launching, kids still love to use stationery and other products printed with Lion King and all other characters of the movie/musical.