Bruce Springsteen Launches Archival Concert Download Service

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Earlier in the year 2013, Bruce Springsteen was asked if it was possible for him to release the recordings of his official concerts which are circulated all over his fans since many years. In a reply to this, Bruce Springsteen said that it would really be a great idea to have all the official videos of his concerts uploaded on a website so that his fans could easily re-watch them over and over again. In addition, he had said that the classic concerts which have been able to keep people’s interest for more than three or four decades should also be added to the timeline of videos for his fans to watch.

Now as the year 2013 comes nearly to an end, Springsteen has made this idea come true. On his official website, he has been able to launch a separate section which includes many of his live concerts with many yet to come. The downloads to some of the most spectacular shows of Bruce Springsteen which include 2014 High Hopes Tour as well as completed performance of the tour ‘Born to run’ which he conducted in New Zealand lately. The launch of the Wrecking Ball tour at the New York Apollo Theatre has also been included in downloads at his official website.

The downloads have been divided into four categories with varying prices including the MP3 which is available for $9.95, lossless for $12.95, HD Audio for $19.95 and compact disc quality for $23. Bruce Springsteen’s concerts have been put together by which is an organization that worked earlier with Metallica, Pearl Jam and many other music stars. The country music fans are really excited on this news and are downloading videos with great enthusiasm and keenness. Bruce Springsteen was asked lately about this addition to his official website, to which he responded that he had this idea hitting his mind since long however finally it has been made a reality.