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Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alecia Beth Moore is one of the world’s most popular solo female singers, songwriters, actresses of the modern era. She is in fact one of the multitalented artists of the new age. The great artists was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA on 8th September, 1979 however spend most of her childhood in Philadelphia. Pink is her stage name and shining pink hair is one of her landmarks of recognition. While she was just a kid, her parents got divorced. If you are in search of discount pink concert tickets in order to confirm your presence in her upcoming concert then you must look for her upcoming concerts schedule.

Going back in her past, pink was highly inspired by great singers like Eminem, Madonna, Whitney Houston etc and wanted to become one of these stars. She also got a great inspiration from her father who was also a renowned signer and musician. Pink has always been a exceptional and exclusive kind of person. Ever since her childhood, she has been taking part in all outgoing activities such as skateboarding, gymnastics, and hip- hopping. Alecia Beth Moore has also been a great artist known globally. People buy pink concert tickets online from online tickets booking companies.

During the very early days of her ambition for music, she performed at clubs and pubs of Philadelphia. Alecia Beth Moore also participated in several talent shows. She joined R&B female music band but left it soon since she had no chances of higher grooming and earning fame in the long run. She sealed a deal with the LaFace records later and initiated her solo career which was the first step towards her global recognition and fame. If you want to buy pink concert tickets then you should look for a trustworthy online tickets booking company.