Celebrity Spotlight: Zayn Malik Quits One Direction

Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zayn Malik is one of the leading pop music icons. He is a talented singer as well as a lyricist and is the ex-member of the world’s renowned British boy band ‘One Direction’. In the year 2010, this talented young guy took part in the British TV series X Factor as a solo artist. Although he was being eliminated as solo performer yet he was brought back along with four other contestants. They together formed a group which they called ‘One Direction’. The guy has released four successful albums while being a part of One Direction band that have won the band, countless awards.

One Direction along with Zayn Malik has performed all over the world and has received immaculate success. Lately in March 2015, Zayn’s representative announced his departure from One Direction music band which was a huge shock to all his fans as well as those attached with the music industry in any sense. The reasons behind Zayn disbanding from One Direction are not clear so far however many people are reasoning it as the conflict of interests. What is the future of Zayn as a solo music artist and will his separation put any sort of impact on One Direction are the questions that are hitting everybody’s minds these days.

Zayn was born in the Bradford, West Yorkshire to a British-Pakistani father Yaser Malik and a British mother Tricia Malik. Tricia after marrying Yaser converted to Islam. Zayn has one older sister named Duniya and two younger sisters Waliyah and Safah. The talented young boy was brought up in East Bowling in the south of Bradford city center. He was much into performing arts when he was just a kid and owing to this interest, Zayn took many arts courses. He also used to be at the forefront on schools occasions. What Zayn Malik plans on doing next is yet a question for all however Ticketsdepot247.com will keep you updated with the latest news.