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Posted on Friday, June 7, 2013

Sports fans around the world are always extremely passionate and excited about their favorite sporting events held in the town. The game of basketball which was considered just a domestic and nonprofessional game played by the school and college students got the status of a professional sporting game in the year 1946 as a top organization owning several sports arenas of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States formed a professional men’s basketball and named it BAA (Basketball Association of America). Today in the twenty first century, it is quite astonishing to see NBA tickets being sold like hot cakes across the U.S.

The professional seasons kicked off soon after the formation of BAA as many professional basketball teams were formed which included Boston Celtics, New York Knickerbockers, Toronto Huskies, Washington Capitals, Cleveland Rebels, Philadelphia Warriors and many more. All the members of BAA also attended the initial meeting of association which was held at the Commodore Hotel in NY State. After three years, BAA merged with another professional association of men’s basketball forming NBA (National Basketball Association). In the twenty first century, finding discount NBA tickets is one of the most difficult tasks since each match of NBA season is always a pre sold out sporting event.

NBA currently consists of thirty teams with twenty nine from the U.S and one from Canada. The league takes part in several international basketball competitions and has won a large variety of prestigious cups. The regular season of NBA starts off in the first week of November however the practice sessions start a couple of months earlier. Each team of National Basketball Association plays two home and two away matches. If you are also a fan of NBA looking to buy NBA tickets online then you should trust none other than, the ultimate online portal for ticket bookings. You can also read the brief history of NBA online to know more about your favorite basketball league.