Hunter Hayes Reveals Why He Doesn't Want to 'Get Comfortable' on the Road

Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hunter Hayes started off his Tattoo Your Name Tour earlier in the month of November 2014. According to him, he was constantly in a thought of how he could improve his show and make it remarkable and unforgettable for his fans. The highly energetic performer, during a visit to the rehearsals in the month of October 2014 told the Rolling Stone Magazine that it is all about keeping it new since we do not get comfortable with anything. After a couple of weeks, Hayes after performing in each of his shows tweaked, stating that the first night on the tour was too hard for him.

He further adds to his tweaks stating that he was never satisfied with the performances since he was looking for something that was beyond the anticipation of his audiences. He said to himself time and again “this is not enough, we got to give them a lot more”. Moreover, during the tour, Hayes also had discussions with all of his production team members including lighting guys, band and everybody so as to explain his vision. The guy gave a set of notes to each and every person so that there could be maximum coordination and perfection at the live performances.

The tireless efforts by the great country music singer are quite visible as the tour showcases great harmony and a real teamwork. According to Hunter Hayes, he discussed every minute thing with his team to bring coherence and rationality in the performance which has been witnessed by his fans already. The great music artist is satisfied with the performances so far and anticipates a great deal of success in the years ahead. The Rolling Stone magazine also published this interview with Hunter Hayes in detail, at their online portal on November 20th 2014.