“I Didn't Base My Life on an Archie Comics Character” – Katy Perry

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015

For every leading artist across the world, people usually say nutty things and this time it’s Katy Perry who’s facing this situation. The things said about Katy Perry lately were totally unexpected for her as well as for her fans. The accusations of copying brunette Archie Comics character named Katy Keene stuck Katy Perry as it was said that her choice of fashion, appearance and almost everything resembles this comic character to a great extent. And to be honest, there is a great deal of resemblance between the two. The outfits of the real Katy Perry and the imaginary character Katy Keene also resemble greatly.

Katy Perry was already aware of this controversy when one of the senior writers Brian Hiatt met her to write for the Rolling Stone magazine. She stated that these false accusations have shocked her and she would rather like to have a MRI done so that the people talking such nonsense could look inside of her in order to ensure that she’s a living human being but not a comic character. In addition, she said that another thing that shocked Katy Perry was that her sister was a redhead! People say these things to satisfy their insecure selves and get attention of media, she added further.

Perry asked her fans to not take such gibberish rumors too serious and requested public to stop assuming that she actually did systematically plunder the iconography of an obscure old comic book character. She also added that if she was smart enough to be like this, she would have been a different person than being a singer, instead she would have been some renowned psychiatrist. This interview which has recently been published at the Rolling Stone magazine has been appreciated by Perry’s fans around the world.