Jamie Lynn Spears on Her Country Journey: 'It's My Story'

Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The younger sister of one of the history’s most popular music stars creates a whole new record in Nashville. She has become a cause of a lot of head scratching across the music industry and undoubtedly she deserves to be there in the limelight on behalf of her innumerable talent. The great new country music icon Jamie Lynn Spears explains it like when she puts her songwriting pen to paper, country comes out. These words from a smart and talented lady has inspired and impressed a number of people across the country music scenario.

The story behind the immense popularity of the young lady, as she explains is not so easy and simple. She has in fact done a great deal to reach the height of glory, the glory she’s looking forward to and the glory she’s enjoying today being in the limelight. "I never woke up and was like, 'I’m going to do country music today!'" said the wonderful young country music artist. She also added further, "But when I started writing and really diving into this music, it was the best format for me to tell my story." Spears got her start when she was only ten years old.

The wonderful young lady continued to work harder and did not give herself a second option in pursuance of her career. The only career she looked forward to, ever since her childhood days, was the career of country music. This is what made her move to the promised land of the country music, the wonderful land of Nashville. Spears Jr. has also worked as an actress during her early days and this has made her get a huge fan base. Although she has the talent of performing wonderfully, she pursued career in country music as her passion and today she’s there as one of the greatest stars!