Jim James on My Morning Jacket's Two New Albums 'I Had Tons of Songs'

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015

Born on twenty seventh of April 1978 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, Jim James originally named as James Edward Olliges Jr. is one of the most prominent guitarists, singers and lyricists of America. He has been a part of a well-known American rock band since 1998. ‘The Morning Jacket’ has been quiet for a long time and it has been three years already before they released ‘Circuital’. When asked about why they have been off the limelight for a longer period, they responded it being their engagement with the two studio albums, one of which is due to be released in April 2015 whereas the other will be coming out in the year 2016.

In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Jim James said that he had a plethora of songs this time. As soon as the band recorded Circuital in a Louisville they absconded to Panoramic House Studio which is located near San Francisco. There, the band started working on the tunes James stockpiled since their last album. In the past, James used to create the demos of the songs before he could present them to the band however this time the group went into new sessions straightaway. James added that he tried giving the band guys a real quick demonstration of the tunes I had in my stock so that they could have the accurate understanding of what we were supposed to create.

The band enjoyed a lot working without a rehearsal, says James Edward Olliges Jr. The band loves to make every record sound different than the other. This American rock band comprises lineup of talented music stars which include Jim James as the lead vocalist alongside Tommy as the bassist, Johnny Quaid as a guitarist, J. Glenn as the drummer. In the year 2000 the addition of Danny Cash as a layout and keyboard instruments player added value to the band’s worth.