Justin Bieber Caught Driving Dangerously in Canada!

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Justin Bieber, one of the world’s renowned pop music singers and teen sensations was caught lately driving rashly and unlawfully in the streets of Canada. The great singer has been charged with dangerous driving assault. The incident occurred last week in the town of Stratford which is also Bieber’s hometown. Things totally went wrong this time as the minivan collided with the ATV in the ON state of Canada. As per news by the press, the drivers of ATV and Minivan were found engaged in a physical altercation following the collision.

Justin bieber

The news did not clearly mention about the vehicle in which Justin Bieber was sitting however he was spotted by many earlier in the same week while he was riding an ATV. He was initially taken into custody by the local police however was released afterwards on a condition that Bieber would be appearing in court on the twenty ninth of the same month. Moreover, the unwelcomed presence of the paparazzi also spoiled the peaceful retreat of Justin Bieber and his beloved Selena Gomez in the town of Stratford, Canada. Justin Bieber’s lawyer Mr. Brian Greenspan is reported to have said that Bieber and Gomez have cooperated completely with the police on all kinds of necessary investigation.

Justin Bieber’s legal advisor Mr. Brian Greenspan also mentioned to the press that the matter is expected to be resolved quite soon. In the growing up rap sheet of the great pop star Bieber, the assault charges were a new addition. The young guy has been facing a number of legal issues over the years lately as at the beginning of the year 2014, Bieber turned in to Toronto Police for allegedly assaulting a limo driver. Moreover, he barely managed to escape a harsh DUI punishment for driving under the influence and drag racing.