Know about the lion king show tour dates

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2013

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The musical is based on a highly popular animated cartoon movie, the lion king which was released by Disney studios back in the year 1993. You can also get comprehensive information regarding the lion king show schedule online via The Lion King musical was released in 1994 and got tremendous fame soon after its launching at the Broadway Theatre. The reason behind immense fame of this musical was not just exotic performance by the theatre artists and the director but also its amazing heart touching story. The lion king is a story of lion king and his son Simba, the lion prince.

Mufasa, the lion king has a heir to his throne now however his evil minded and cruel brother Scar does not like this since he wants to take over the throne of pride lands from his brother Mufasa. What more could an evil do, he plots out a plan in coalition with hyenas to murder his brother, the lion king and take over his throne. Mufasa is killed however his son the lion prince Simba manages to escape death and lives far from the pride lands. Simba grows young to take revenge from the evil Scar. Whether you want to get a brief intro to the Lion King Show or need to know about its schedule, Ticketsdepot247 is one stop place for you!