Metallica Wrap Up 'Late Late Show 'Residency with 'Sad but True'

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Metallica which is one of the leading heavy metal band based out Los Angeles, California US wrapped up their weeklong Late Show in a wonderful and unique fashion on the Friday night when they whipped out a pulverizing rendition of “Sad but True’. Metallica is an American band popular because of its fast tempos, aggressive musicianship and heavy instrumentals. The great heavy metal band kicked things of on Monday night with the very first track of the band. The band continued awe inspiring performances on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and finally on the Friday as the event came to an end.

At the tonight show that stars Jimmy Fallon, U2 was also scheduled to perform however they postponed the event on account of Bono’s bicycle accident. Although Friday which was November 21st was a ‘No Music Day’ yet the heavy metal group performed with great zeal and zest. The band was formed in the year 1981 and in the year 2014, its lineup includes Hetfield as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Ulrich as drummer, Kirk Hammett as the lead guitarist and Robert Trujillo as bassist. The group collaborated with Bob Rock, a well known producer for a longer time period who produced their albums from 1990 to 2003.

In addition to being a producer, Bob Rock also worked temporarily as a bassist for the band for a short time. ‘Master of Puppets’ which was the third album by Metallica is yet known as the most influential and popular metal album of all-time. Moreover, the fifth album by this band got them tremendous commercial success. The band has released nine studio albums so far and is yet on the track of producing many new kinds of albums. According to authentic statistics, Metallica have sold one hundred and ten million records across the globe which is an achievement second to none.