Musicals Bring Audience Back to Theatres!

Posted on Monday, August 5, 2013

Theatres have been one of the most favored means of live entertainment around the world. Their popularity has been extremely high ever since the start of civilization. The reason behind the immense popularity of theatres is the fact that they are not reliant on any means of modern technologies. Ever since the start of civilization, people started to organize events and festivals in order to fulfill their nature desire for entertainment and leisure apart from the regular life activities. Since a very long period of time, people seeking entertainment buy theater tickets in order to get entertained and get away from the redundancy of life for some time.

After the advent of modern entertainment technologies especially the cinemas, there was a sudden decrease in the theatre viewership and then there came a time when many people were of the opinion that theatres are no longer going to survive since people could easily find a great diversity in terms of entertainment and fun. The theatre producers and artists were then compelled to sell cheap theater tickets just to keep their profession going. But this did not continue for long and people turned back towards the theatres soon.

The advent of new form of plays which we call musicals has brought the audience back to theatres once again. The Broadway Theatres have become the hottest destination for theatre enthusiasts since almost all the popular musicals have been premiered and performed there till date. Among the world’s most popular musicals, the top listed musicals of all time include Singin' in the Rain, West Side Story, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, An American in Paris, My Fair Lady, Chicago, All That Jazz, Cabaret, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Oklahoma!, Oliver!, Grease, Babes in Arms and many more.