One of the longest running Broadway musicals ever!

Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are you a fan of theatres and are in search of a musical that is suitable for all kinds of audiences especially for the families? The musicals are held across the world’s theatres and some of them become so popular that they last for decades unstopped and are watched by many generations with same enthusiasm and passion. The lion king musical is one such musical. It became popular in the twentieth century and was launched at the Broadway theatre. The musical is based on the super hit animated cartoon movie the lion king by Walt Disney Studios. The lion king theater tickets are sold like hot cakes around the world today.

Even after the period of nearly one decade, the demand and popularity of lion king musical remains the same among the youth as well as old. The worldwide statistics also tell us that it is the longest going ever musical in the history of theatres and has been performed at The Broadway for a record number of times. The online tickets booking companies offer special cheap the lion king show tickets on pre bookings for upcoming shows. The theatres are seen full when the lion king musical is on the go.

It tells us the story of the king of pride lands Mufasa who has a newly born song, the future king of pride lands and the crown prince. His birth is a reason for all the king’s subjects to celebrate except a few evils including his real brother Scar who wants to be the king. Later in the story, Scar allegedly murders his brother and even tries to kill his innocent nephew who escapes to a far off destination. If you are conscious to know more about what happens next, do not forget to book discount the lion king show tickets available online at Ticketsdepot247. You can also read a brief intro to the lion king showbefore being there.