Taylor Swift Outperformed by One Direction for Number One Spot

Posted on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One Direction, the blockbusters have finally smashed in with Black Friday upon this week. The question here is, ‘will the One Direction and Taylor Swift be able to make a change in the numbers? Taylor Swift’s album sales have dropped to twelve percent unlike the previous week’s statistics when they had dropped to thirteen percent. On the contrary, the sales of Taylor Swift’s tracks remain the same. Lately we have seen Taylor Swift dominating for as long as three weeks across the charts. The 4 hits from One Direction are at the number one with 387,000 sales which has made this the second biggest debut of the year 2014.

‘Midnight Memories’ that was another album released by One Direction last year, had sold a huge amount of 546,000 copies. One Direction are striving to surpass the previous sales record with their new album. Let’s see how it goes by the end of the year 2014. Besides, Taylor Swift being one of the biggest pop stars of 2014 is strongly of the demand that music should no longer remain free since it hurts a great deal to the singers as well as producers. Although her album ‘Spotify’ has sold more than 2.21 million copies across the planet and has become the year’s top selling album yet she’s complaining that free music streaming should be banned ASAP.

The ‘Frozen’ soundtrack from the Swift’s last year’s hits has been able to sell 3.27 million copies during the year 2014 so far and the numbers are expected to increase a great deal by the end of this year. Despite all the ups and downs which are a part of every business industry, One Direction and Taylor Swift would keep ruling the pop music industry during the year 2015 as per predictions by the industry experts.