Taylor Swift Shuns 'Grand Experiment' of Streaming Music

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015

Taylor Swift in a recent interview to the Rolling Stone magazine stated that she is not willing to contribute her lifelong work to the experiment that doesn’t seem reliable and competent to her. The best selling pop music star of the year Taylor Swift pulled her discography from the Spotify lately and upon a number of questions from her fans as well as the industry experts, she has explained the rationale behind this decision. In an interview with the Yahoo! Swift was of the opinion that she did not speculate and she also added further about Spotify and the idea of free music.

Swift, in an interview to the Rolling Stone said that music is evolving with a rapid pace and the landscape of the world music industry is also changing very quickly. She also added that she’s not willing to contribute her life’s work to an experiment that she doesn’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists and the created of this music. The great music artist also mentioned her disagreement with the idea that music has no value and should be free.

Lately in the year 2014, Taylor Swift wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal in which she declared that art should be paid for. Swift also added that she likes to stay unbiased regarding the subject and is willing to debate it as actual progress inside the music industry. Taylor Swift is one of the leading pop music artists of the era. She is appreciated and admired by a number of people from all age groups and professions. From the kids to adults and the old, Swift is equally popular among all. The great music artist describes it all as a blessing of God and that she intends on continuing to impress her fans in the years ahead.