Teaming up of 50 Cent and Gloria Allred for 'Dream School'

Posted on Monday, March 9, 2015

It was approximately four years back when 50 cent had an epiphany as regards his contribution towards the well being of the humanity and society around him. The great singer started to assess his legacy and the way he wanted his fans to memorize him. This is what 50 cent told the Rolling Stone Magazine in a recent press event. The education-based reality show ‘Dream School’ is something he’s going to participate in along with Gloria Allred. The rapper said in an interview that it is the best time for him to utilize the celebrity within you, in the right direction.

The duo is going to partake in the second session of the education reality show by Sundance TV. 50 cent is of the opinion that he would not be participating in the reality show as a celebrity or an awesome singer who made a couple of cool songs and picked good roles in the film and television industry, instead he would be there as a person who’s there to help others when they are in the time of need. 50 cent spent a great deal of time thinking only about the business whenever it came to music however now is the time when he wants to reflect on who he wants to be.

The great rapper and businessman saw in a 2011 British documentary, the Jamie Oliver's Dream School, which inspired him a lot. The season two of this reality show would comprise fifteen students from the New York City who got expelled and never got a chance to graduate due to certain reasons. The real name of 50 cent is Curtis James Jackson III and he’s one of the world’s leading rappers, entrepreneurs, investors and actors from the wonderful and lively city of New York.