The Balance Between Virtual and Live Events

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are you a theatre enthusiast and are not yet sure whether cinemas entertain you more or the theatres then you must know that both have their own importance in the world of entertainment. The theatres provide opportunities for watching and witnessing live entertainment whereas on the other side the cinemas provide recorded entertainment facilities to public. The technological enhancements in cinemas have brought into existence, the world class cinemas which offer four dimensional movies making a truly realistic environment for you however the theatres are truly real and live performances held on the stage and are therefore held globally even in the modern era. According to statistics, the children and family theater tickets are always more in demand than any other events across the globe.

In fact the children event tickets are sold like hot dogs and most of them are theatricals. The dialogues and acts are real-time in theatres however they come with special graphical effects and unnatural animations when it comes to digital cinemas. You can imagine the importance of theatrical events from the fact that music is listened worldwide by music fans however concerts never go unattended. Instead they are attended more than any other events across the world which shows the importance of live music as compared to a recorded one you watch and listen at home.

Out of various musicals held around the world, the Lion King musical is at the top of list. It has been played for a record number of times at the Broadway Theatre and has toured globally in all popular destinations including California, London, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Madrid and many more places. This play is based on the lion king movie by Disney pictures. The demand for family tickets is very high across the globe therefore all those events that concern families are always sold out events. The online tickets booking companies such as offer special discount packages for purchasing tickets online.