The Musicals and Their Popularity in New Age

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013

Theatres have always remained one of the most favorite methods of live entertainment around the world. Despite invention of several digital equipments such as three and four dimensional cinemas etc, the value of live theatres still remains considerably high in the twenty first century. The best part of theatres is the environment which provides you with the real time entertainment. The real life expressions of actors, acts of performers, dances and a lot more are there to enjoy. Several festivals are held around the world which includes fun carnivals, musicals, theatrical plays, concerts, circuses and a lot more. The films are also highly popular as people buy film tickets online through tickets booking companies. The best thing about online tickets booking is that if you buy tickets of your favorite events in advance, you save a lot of money. The musicals on the other hand have become highly popular in the modern age. They provide entertainment along with music and are a treat to watch for people of all age groups.

The kids, young and old all love to watch musicals around the world. Among various popular musicals held across the globe is the Lion King musical. It is based on an animated movie which was produced by Disney Picture Inc. in 1994 and was tremendously appreciated by the people of all ages and interests. This animated cartoon movie had Mufasa (the Lion King) and Simba (the Lion Price) as main characters. This animated movie by Disney became so famous that its musical was also launched at the Broadway by Disney Studios. This musical received equally high fame by the audience and soon became the musical which has been repeatedly played for record number of times at the Broadway. People still buy adult tickets and kid’s tickets for the Lion King Musical with great admiration and passion. The musical toured globally making national tours of United States and United Kingdom. It was also performed at Sydney, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Toronto and many other popular cities around the world. The musical received a warm global appreciation and is still on the go.

The story of Lion King Musical is of a kind and just king of Pride Lands and his son Simba, the future king. The evil brother of Mufasa (Lion King) wants to be the king however this is possible only at the death of his brother. Later the news of a Lion Price’s birth is spread across the Pride Lands which shockingly moves and disturbs Scar. His hopes are shattered as his chances to become a king of Pride Lands are no more visible. Being uncertain about what exactly he should do, Scar plots an evil plan to kill his brother along with his newly born nephew Simba. This is done in alliance with evil hyenas. Mufasa is killed in a stampede and Simba is kicked out of Pride Lands. He lives his childhood days far from his father’s land unless he grows young to take revenge from his evil uncle Scar. Either you are looking to buy festival tickets of lion king musical or need to learn about the upcoming dates, check out it for comprehensive information.