The Story of Lion King Movie & Musical

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Lion King is a featured animated movie which was produced by the Disney Pictures Inc in 1994. It is among the world’s most popular animated movies which are truly inspirational and unforgettable. The people of all age groups covering kids as well as the seniors have appreciated this movie globally. Even today after nearly a decade, people buy the lion king show tickets with the same enthusiasm and spirit, especially to show it to their kids. The movie features the story of Simba who is the cub of Mufasa, the lion king of Pride Lands. The birth of this beautiful cub means birth of a lion prince of Pride Lands, the place which is ruled by Mufasa. On the other hand Scar who is Mufasa’s brother wants to take his brother’s throne to rule his kingdom. The birth of lion prince is warmly appreciated and welcome by all the subjects who assemble at pride rock to greet him. Rafiki, the oldest monkey of Pride Lands raises the cub to all the subjects to see.

Mufasa is a very kind king and this is why he is loved by all his subjects. He teaches the same kindness and justice to his son Simba. The innocent Simba can’t wait to become the king of jungle. The evil Scar who is extremely jealous of Mufasa plots a murder plan of his brother. In alliance with the evil hyenas he plans a stampede and brutally kills the lion king while putting entire blame of Mufasa’s death on the innocent Simba. The lion king concert event tickets have remained high in demand over the years. As the story goes on, the innocent lion prince is kicked out of the Pride Lands and he starts living with a warthog and meerkat who become his best friends. These two great friends teach him to live a worry free life and just enjoy it. Simba follows this rule which they call "hakuna matata". As Simba grows up and is strong enough to fight a lion, he meets his childhood friend Nala who tells him how bad the circumstances of Pride Lands are under Scar’s rule.

This gives Simba a bigger courage to fight the evil and get back his rightful throne to administer justice across the Pride Lands. Using the online tickets reservation firms, you can buy discount tickets for the lion king movie as well as for the Broadway musical of this great movie which was launched in 1997 and is still among the leading theatrical shows. Simba comes back to the Pride Lands and attacks the evil uncle Scar. After a long and brutal fight between the uncle and nephew, Simba manages to kill Scar and snatch back his rightful throne. The death of Scar is the happiest news for the animals of Pride Lands and Simba starts ruling the land with the same justice and kindness which was taught to him by his wise and brave father Mufasa. If you are also an admirer of Lion King and want to buy cheap tickets for the animated cartoon movie or a live musical at Broadway, then is the most reliable online tickets company.