The Value of Theatres in the Modern Age

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2013

 Theatres are and have always been one of the most tremendous means of entertainment and leisure around the world. Watching your favorite artists perform live in front of you is something you cannot compare with any other sort of entertainment. Apart from the theatres, live concerts and other events where entertainment is not virtual, are attended with great passion and fascination around the world. The theater tickets are still on high demand around the world and people still prefer theatres over any other means of entertainment despite the advent of digital entertainment technologies such as three dimensional cinemas, gaming studios and much more.

After the advent of modern digital technologies, there has been a high impact on many industries around the world. Similarly the theatre industry has been impacted greatly. Instead of plays and dramas, we see musicals on the top of list. The musicals not just entertain audience with immaculate performance of artists but also with their awe inspiring music. The theater events tickets for the world’s popular musicals are sold in advance and each of the events is seen houseful. The popularity of musicals can be found out from the fact that lion king musical which inaugurated in 1997 is still performed at theatres around the world.

This musical has been mentioned as the longest ever running musical on the Broadway. The Lion King Musical is based on an animated cartoon movie by Disney Entertainment Inc. This immaculate animated cartoon movie won several prestigious awards and even after a period of more than one and a half decade, we find this musical being watched generation after generation. If you are in search of discount theater tickets, you should hire the services of an online tickets booking company such as Booking in advance lets you save great amounts. If you want to watch this musical live and want to know about the lion king show tour dates, web is the best source of comprehensive information for you.