Theatres vs. Cinemas in 21st Century

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Theatres have always been the center of attention in spite of the advent of digital technologies especially the cinemas. As the days progress and technology enhances, now we witness the three dimensional and four dimensional cinemas offering breathtaking experiences of recorded entertainment. The increasing trend of digital technologies is no doubt a big revolution however the value of live performances remain the same. The theatres were, are and will always be the most real-time and thrilling type of entertainment. The live performances by highly skilful artists make even the ordinary stories stand out from the crowd. However if the playwright and direction is up to the mark, it becomes the most memorable event for the entertainment lovers and theatre enthusiasts around the world. The admirers buy theater tickets of their favorite plays weeks and even months in advance just to make sure that they do not miss the final opportunity. Across the continents of Australia, Europe and Americas, there is a great trend of musicals and people spare the time and money especially for attending their favorite ones.

Among such theatrical performances, the Lion King musical is a highly appreciated and popular one. The attendees usually buy theater tickets online from the tickets booking websites or get their tickets from the ticket depots at venues. The Lion King musical was introduced keeping in view the massive popularity of the Lion King movie by Disney pictures. The animated cartoon movie was released in 1994 and became popular across the world in a very short time after its release. The musical was launched in 1997 at the Broadway Theatre. The first show was a sold out event and the future events also became blockbuster hits and full house events across the globe. The musical toured entire world including the U.S and U.K national tours which were held in 2002 and 2012. The featured venues of Lion King Musical include London, Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Vegas and Sao Paolo at the top of list. The initial Broadway Show of the musical was in fact one of the most fabulously appreciated shows of all.

The lion king features a superb story that focuses entirely on the life of a young lion prince Simba. The story starts with the birth of Simba, the future king in pride lands, which is a part of jungle ruled by King Mufasa, the father of Simba. The birth of a future king spreads happiness and joy across pride lands however the insincere subjects of the king are jealous on this news. Mufasa’s family is more than delighted however his evil minded brother Scar is jealous to death. He wanted to be the successor to his brother but not it all seems impossible as the heir for Mufasa has already been given birth. Scar plots a plan and kills Mufasa leaving innocent Simba helpless. If you want to know what happens next, it would be better to book cheap theater tickets for lion king musical with America’s leading online tickets company